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“I attended Devane Careers to formulate my CV after finishing college. Marie was very warm and personable and really got to know me to ensure my CV accurately reflected my strengths. She went beyond the CV writing, advised me on careers I was best suited to, and boosted my confidence in interview preparation. I feel I am now capable of finding my ideal job and would definitely recommend the service to others. Thanks Marie.”
Lorraine - Post Graduate Student

“I knew I wanted to return to education, but I couldn’t decide what course or even what area I wanted to study. I needed to get advice before I applied to any colleges. Marie was very friendly, and very helpful. She helped me take a look at myself and figure out what I wanted to study. Thanks to her I’ve applied to a few courses and am very happy with my choices. I’ve been recommending her to everyone with any career questions since then! Thanks Marie!”
Peter - Professional Candidate

“I contacted Devane Careers because I was unclear about the career direction I wanted to take and I knew that I had the potential to make a much more substantial contribution in my work. I had tried many other companies and advisors but none went into the depth required to truly identify what it is I wanted to do with my career. Marie, through her one-to-one approach, provided me with all the tools that I needed to really dig-deep and identify what was most important to me, not just in my career but in my life in general. This has given me the clarity that I need so that I can commit to career direction that is best for me and permits me to fully realize my potential. In addition, the career advice and guidance that Marie provided throughout was outstanding and without doubt has provided me with invaluable advice that I can apply long into the future.

If there is any aspect of your career that you need guidance with, I would recommend, without hesitation, that you contact Devane Careers and you will receive a highly professional service that represents outstanding value for money.”
Michael - Professional Candidate

“I recently attended Marie Devane at Devane Careers. Prior to this I had attended an interview for my Higher Diploma in Primary Education in which I failed and I went to Marie Devane Careers to gain help in interview skills for my next interview as I am eager to succeed.

I was very naive going into my first interview as I taught I had enough information to get across and have a successful interview. However I soon realised that I did not have enough information and even the information I did have I was unable to get it across to the interviewers. I totally failed in getting my opinion or beliefs across to the interviewers. During my first appointment with Marie she soon realised this and on next appointment she began developing my interview skills, in particular for my upcoming interview. She made me realise my own personal skills and interests and more importantly she showed me how express these in an interview. She made me realise that it is vital to get your point and beliefs across in an interview and even showed me ways to do this when I was given little or no opportunity to do so by the interviewers. I was asked to learn and practice what she had told me as in our third and final meeting she had prepared questions relating to my interview and done an interview with me. She marked each of my answers and told me how to improve on answers that I could have gained better marks in.

There is no doubt that this mock interview and the previous two meetings with Marie helped me tremendously. The improvement I have made since my failed interview to now is amazing. I now realise what personal skills I have and am capable of getting them across in an interview. Marie prepared me in such a way that no matter what I am asked in this interview I will be able to answer them in the best possible way. More importantly I now believe that I have confidence due to Marie, confidence in myself that when I interview next I will be able to answer them and get my opinion across clearly and confidently. There is no doubt that my time with Marie Devane will be of great benefit to me in my next interview, and I also believe that I have learned something that will stand to me for the rest of my life.”
Dermot - Post Graduate Student

“Since my discussions with Marie, I definitely have a better idea as to what direction I’m going to take.”
Ciaran – Transition Year Student

“Marie provided an open and comfortable environment for discussion on my personality and interests.”
Tomas - Undergraduate

“Marie made me realise my real qualities by in-dept discussion and providing constructive feedback from psychometric testing.”
Leanne – Midway through College Programme

“Marie worked hard at designing my Curriculum Vitae to ensure it accurately reflected my experience and qualifications and who I am. She also interviewed me to ensure I was comfortable and confident speaking about my experience. I feel much more confident about myself now.”
Orla – Post Graduate on the job search

“At the age of 19, going to The U.K. for my first ever interview was going to be a daunting task. Marie gave me the confidence in myself by helping me research the College and the Interview format, and carrying out practice interviews with me beforehand. To my delight I’m commencing my Nursing Programme in The U.K. in September 2010.”
Claire – Nursing Student

“Although I had a lot of skills and experience relevant to the role, communicating this effectively was the real challenge for me. Marie spent time working with me on my communication skills. This increased my confidence and thus increased my performance at the interview.”
Declan – Seeking Employment

“Now that I’ve completed my Leaving Cert examinations, I met with Marie for advice on the CAO Change of Mind Process. I got direction from Marie and found out so much more about myself than just getting assistance on this process. I would recommend Marie to lots of my friends.”
Hannah - Leaving Cert Graduate